Porto Santo,

perspetivas da ilha da saúde

A Bird named Poupa (Upupa sp.) in Pico do Castelo


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  1. Nice of that handsome bird to pose so well for you!

  2. You can't just post a bird photo and not first find out what it is :-) We now need to know what it is.

  3. Dear Bill,
    The bird is called in Portuguese: Pouca. IN english, the tranlation said me that is Spare. The cientif name is Upupa sp. They are also known by other names for this bird of three species of birds upupiformes Upupidae belonging to the family and genus Upupa. Geographically we can find this bird in Europe until the tropical island of Porto Santo (Madeira) In Portugal, saves can be observed throughout the mainland and the archipelago of Madeira. It is known that some populations are nomadic, but its status as resident or migratory bird is still undefined.

    And Steffe,
    In fact, should have put the name of the bird. But it is clear that who defines the rules in my photoblog is me. I do not admit that comments like you do.
    Paulo Camacho